dotnetcore: A .Net Core SDK Uninstaller for POSIX (now with Windows support)

July 19, 2019 (Modified on September 23, 2019) • dotnet Core CLI Python • 1 minutes to read • Edit

Uninstall previous versions of .Net Core SDK

There is no official way to uninstall previous versions of .Net Core SDK on POSIX type operating systems, this tool may help you solve that problem.

In Windows this tool can help you launch uninstaller as easy as writing a command line.

The repository can be found at

Note: You might need super user account to use this library.


pip install dot-net-core-uninstaller


There are to ways to use this:

Usage: dotnetcore [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version  Show version and exit.
  --help     Show this message and exit.

  list    List all the version of .Net Core installed.
  remove  Remove the version of .Net Core.

To list all installed .Net Core libraries

dotnetcore list

Using with POSIX systems

To remove a version of .Net Core SDK or Runtimes:

dotnetcore remove --sdk 1.0.0
dotnetcore remove --runtime 1.0.0

Using with Windows systems

Note: Windows doesn’t support removing runtime libraries individually from the uninstaller.

To remove a version of .Net Core SDK or Runtime:

dotnetcore remove --sdk 1.0.0

Using as a Module

from dot_net_core_uninstaller import Uninstaller

remove_dotnet = Uninstaller()

remove_dotnet.delete_runtime("1.0.0")  # Does not work on Windows
remove_dotnet.delete_sdk("1.0.0")  # Does not work on Windows
remove_dotnet.delete_sdk_runtime_windows("1.0.0")  # Does not work on POSIX

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