Asia Pacific Neural Network Society

Developed website for Asia Pacific Neural Network Society

NeuCube Cloud: An Artificial Intelligence website

An Artificial Intelligence website.

NeuCubePy: Spiking Neural Network Framework

A Python implementation of NeuCube framework

Open-Source Software

azsecrets: A CLI to Set Azure Key Vault as Environment Variables

A CLI tool to make Azure KeyVault secrets into environment variables.

JCal: A Mortgage Calculator (Archived)

Mortgage calculator based on Java

NeuroRehab: A VR game for Neurorehabilitation (Archived)

A Machine Learning based VR game for Neurorehabilitation.

Emotive Matlab SDK (Archived)

An SDK wrapper for Matlab.

Abies: An all-in-one web creator (Not Maintained)

A Django based all-in-one web creator.

Azure Blob Explorer for Java (Archived)

CRUD functions for Azure Blob

Spark: A Hugo Theme for Researchers

Spark, a hugo theme for researchers.

Gollahalli CMS: CMS for Researchers (Archived)

An opensource content management system for researchers.

Release-Exporter: Release exporter for GitHub and GitLab

Create a or rst or json files based on the release description of GitHub or GitLab.

Spikes: A Spiking Neural Network framework

An Spiking Neural Network framework written in Python 3.

SML: Spikes Markup Language for Spiking Neural Network

Spikes Markup Language for Spiking Neural Network framework - Spikes.

SML-GUI: A GUI to export data to Spikes Markup Language

A GUI to export data to Spikes Markup Language based on Qt5.



Introduction on using Log4J with SLF4J in Java 8

Introduction to Go

Fundamental introduction to Go programming language

Samsung Gear Vr With UnrealEngine 4

A tutorial on developing a simple game for Samsung Gear VR using Unreal Engine.

Introduction to Swift

Complete how-to tutorial on using Apple's new programming language - Swift.

Introduction to OpenGL Using Python 3

A brief introduction on using OpenGL with Python 3.

Introduction to Javafx

An introduction to JavaFx 8.

Introduction to Java 8 and JDBC

A tutorial on using Java 8 and JDBC.

Introduction to UnrealEngine 4

A tutorial on using node based Unreal Engine 4

Introduction to Python 3

A complete guide to programming in Python 3.

Introduction to Ruby 2

An introduction to Ruby 2 programming language.

Upcoming Projects and Tutorials

PyCluster an Clustering and Visualising Framework

Visualise clusters in a better way.

Introduction to Lua

A complete introduction to Lua programming language

Introduction to Typescript

Coming from Java or C++ background and want to learn JavaScript but are confused? Then TypeScript is for you.

Pycite Citation Manager and Parser

A citation parser and manager with Sqlite that supports EndNote, RIS and BibTex.

Todo an App Based on Angular and Django

A web application for creating ToDos using Angular as client and Django API as server.

Compressor an Image Compression Utility

An open source cross platform image compression tool.

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